Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dark Angel

TV Journal Assignment #1

Title of program : Dark Angel

I chose this science fiction program because Jessica Alba is the main character of the series and she’s my favorite actress. Also, many of my friends suggested to me to watch it.

The story takes place in 2019. The United States is poor and the economy is in a depression because of the electro-magnetic pulse. This terrorist attack caused all computers to crash down. The main character, Max (Jessica Alba), is a transgenic being who escaped from a secret facilitiy in Wyoming in 2009. This project called Manticore, had a genetic experiment to build human weapons. The kids were trained to be perfect soldiers.

Now, Max lives in Seattle where she does delivery for different companies. At night, she’s a thief. Because of the Manticore Project, she has outstanding physical habilities and a bar code on the back of her.
Finally, since the escape, the Manticore Project director, Lydecker, is trying to bring back those who escaped to Manticore.

TV Journal Assignment #2

In this episode, Max (Jessica Alba) tried to get some information about her brother Zac, a human transgenic. She knew, in the other episode, that he escaped succesfully from Manticor in 2009. She got that information from her friend Logan. This man iwastrying to stop bad guys who want to get money and power into this poor society.

Max was going to find a woman with a man, Eric. She met him in a bar and his father had a high rank of the police. This woman helped Max to escape safely in 2009. They came in her house to find out information about his brother.

She knew nothing about him and the woman called Lydecker to tell him that Max was at her house. She had no choice or she was dead. Max saw that Lydecker would kill her too if she didn’t go with them because she knew too much information. While they were tracked by the Lydecker’s army, Logan helped them with his computer and talked like a soldier in Lydecker’s walkie-talkie to confuse him.
Finally, Max and the woman were safe because of Logan. He got a new identity for the woman. Before she left, she told Max that her mother wasn’t dead.
TV Journal Assignment #4

I choose Max (Jessica Alba) from my program “Dark Angel”.

I felt bad when some people talks again transgenic humans. I though their critics were similar to racism in our society. It was very difficult to fight back to those prejudices because of a government secret employee named White. He tried to create a war in Seattle between transgenic people and humans. But I’m ready to stop him with Logan by my side. However, I have to be very careful when I’m near Logan because I’m carrying a deadly virus which will kill him if I touch him. I tried to get an antidote in White’s laboratary. I had to fight against a lot of his soldiers to get there. Unfortunatly, I did not find a cure yet but Logan and I are in love more than ever.
TV Journal Assignment #5

I have loved this show since I began to watch it. I learned a lot from its characters like Max Guerrera (Jessica Alba). She has good values and all of her actions were outstanding. The Dark Angel’s scriptors demonstrated by Max that it’s important to help poor people and our family. You should watch this show because there are a lot of spectacular explosions and the action is always continuous. However, if someone doesn’t like it, Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress and has a lot of sex-appeal. Finally, it has been my best show for the last two months and I recommend it to everybody!